The Voice The Student News Site of Bloomsburg University Thu, 27 Feb 2020 02:48:13 +0000 en-US hourly 1 Pulling all-nighters Thu, 27 Feb 2020 16:30:57 +0000 Here I sat, at this very desk, writing my final term paper for my Intro to Poli-Sci class the night before its due. Monsters and Dunkin’ cups flanking me on either side with not a single bit of stress in my body (besides my body struggling to process the extreme amount of caffeine in my blood). 

How times have changed from my young years of being a student. When I was just a wee-lad my freshman year of high school, I would follow my teacher’s advice and start weeks ahead of the due date. I would write the most detailed outlines, finish my research at least a week before I started to write and have a “finished” copy a week before the due date for my teacher to mark up. 

I was afraid of the late-night cramming sessions. I would get some sort of anxiety about the thought of the anxiety I would have the night before. I was always a nervous wreck about that kind of stuff. I tried to carry that habit to college, but I had a bit of difficulty. 

With my new found independence, I enjoyed all the pleasures an 18-year-old kid would indulge in. Late nights watching Netflix, video games and other activities a college student partakes in. So, the weeks of early work turned into a weekend at best. I had grown as a writer, so I felt that I didn’t need all that time for prep in college. The anxiety of finishing the paper the night before still hit home though. 

Since my freshman year, that prep time has slowly and surely declined. I became used to grinding out long nights working in the art studios. They were my productive nights. With my new knowledge and experience of grinding the late nights, it finally cultivated to my worst high school fear.

My Intro to Poli-Sci final last fall was a six-page paper. All I had done was a very minimal outline. It was due at 1 p.m. on a Wednesday and I had roughly 18 hours to research, write and edit it. My anxiety never came.

I have found out that everything is relative. Weeks and weeks of work are pointless if they are not concentrated work. Those weeks in high school were spent playing Flappy Bird or through scrolling twitter. I would “work” four hours a night, but at least two hours were either procrastinating or thinking about procrastinating. They were unproductive nights and wasted time. 

18 hours is a long time when working on one task. They were productive, concentrated hours and I was focused the whole time on the task at hand. In those 18 hours, I did all the research, all the writing and all of the editing. It was my highest-graded paper in college. 

Ed is a senior Art major.

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This Week in History Thu, 27 Feb 2020 16:30:38 +0000 This week is the last week of African-American History Month, and it is definitely important to recognize its long history. February is commonly recognized as African-American History Month in the United States, with every president since the 1970’s proclaiming a national theme for the month. 

Some historians recognize African-American History Month as having been created by Carter G. Woodson, American historian and founder of what is now the Association for the Study of African American Life and History (ASALH). 

The first iteration of the month was just a week, called Negro History Week in 1926. According to ASALH, the second week was specifically chosen by Woodson as it captured the birthdays of both Abraham Lincoln and Frederick Douglass, respectively the 12th and the 14th. 

As the ASALH would say, Negro History Week caught on quickly and spread like wildfire, but perhaps too fast for Woodson to be able to manage the excitement. Coinciding with the migration of African Americans from the South to cities, black culture and education experienced a boom compared to what it once was. 

Woodson and the Association’s management of Negro History Week would primarily concern the legitimacy of the individuals presenting the history. Woodson worked tirelessly to make sure that the event did not become commercialized and that schools and educational events had the resources they needed to properly display Black culture and history. 

These efforts coincided with Black History Clubs in schools being created, instructors requesting new materials to teach the students, as well as supporting movements from progressive whites.

Woodson would also push to make Negro History Week become a more permanent event, wishing to expand it to the whole year, believing it “Too important to America and the world to be crammed into a limited time frame.” As Daryl Michael Scott from ASALH would state. 

Up until the the 1970’s Negro History Week would gradually become Negro History Month, and eventually be renamed by Black college students to Black History Month. According to the Library of Congress, President Ford in 1975 would promote Black History Month. In 1986, Congress would pass Public Law 99-244, officially making February 1986 National African-American History Month. 

Since then, presidents have made proclamations on African-American History Month, setting themes for the month, and calling for other events during the month.

It goes without saying that African-American History Month is an incredibly important month to millions of the people living in the United States. There have, however, been some calls to expand the month into the entire year, such as Morgan Freeman arguing in a 2005 interview for 60 Minutes asking an interviewer, “You’re going to relegate my history to a month?” and then saying, “I don’t want a Black History Month. Black History is American History.” 

In other words, why should learning about African-American History be limited to only one month? It should be made commonplace in our daily history lessons. 

Our own Black Cultural Society on campus works incredibly hard to provide events focused around Black Culture. Last semester, Fall 2019, there were two events in particular that I attended for Conversations for the Common Good. These events dealt with writing African American history as well as African Americans in sports, and, as someone who has lived in Bloomsburg for his whole life, I found them especially enlightening. 

While African-American History Month has never expanded to encompass the entire year, it has still been a learning experience for me every time it comes around. 

As someone who is white, I obviously won’t be able to truly understand what it’s like to be African American in our society, but putting this article together has given me some more knowledge about why and how African-American History Month is so important. 

Tristan is a junior History major and is the President of the BU History Club.

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Truck driver arrested after crash Thu, 27 Feb 2020 16:30:37 +0000 A truck driver was arrested earlier this month after crashing his tractor-trailer into the dining room of an Italian restaurant located in Columbia County. The crash, which took place around 10:30 p.m. on Friday, Feb. 14, resulted in no injuries.
Justin Aiken was supposed to be traveling from Ohio to a food processing plant far away from Bloomsburg, PA. He told police he was not sure why he pulled onto the Bloomsburg exit in the first place and later admitted that he was high on crystal meth.
Police arrested Aiken after he failed his sobriety test. Methamphetamine pills were also found in the truck.
Thankfully, when the crash occurred, the restaurant was closed and employees were just cleaning up.

Denise Shelhamer, a worker at A Taste of Italy, said that if the incident had happened just an hour earlier the outcome would have been far worse.
Just days after the crash, a construction team began their repairs on the building. Since then, A Taste of Italy has reopened to the public.

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Learning to focus your attention away from stressful thoughts Thu, 27 Feb 2020 16:30:33 +0000 I’ve come to realize that focus is something I need more of in my life. It’s not that I can’t get my homework done or that I get don’t do my job at Giant because I have trouble focusing on what I am doing. I can be focused when I want to be.

I guess the problem arises when I’m not doing homework or not at Giant or not invested in a movie or TV show that I love. My mind starts to wander and that is when my anxiety takes hold.

I’ve noticed this tends to happen to me more and more these days. I’ll be sitting in my car driving home and my thoughts turn into worries. 

Or I’ll be standing at the self-checkout at 7 a.m. on a Saturday when there’s no one around and my mind turns into a whirlwind of trepidation.

Yet, if I’m at work and one of the co-workers I talk to is nearby, I focus on talking to them and listening to what they have to say. If you take that variable away, my mind begins to wander.

This happens to me at slow points during my day and no, it doesn’t matter where I am. 

I could be at home, at school, at work, driving to Williamsport, or doing just about anything. My mind just won’t settle down.

To try and combat this the past few days, I’ve tried a few different tactics. My room is usually a mess, so I decided to pull up my Spotify on my TV, play my ‘Favorites’ playlist, and clean my room while bopping around to music. It worked.

I also chose to play music as I got around for school while lip-syncing and dancing and, sure enough, it worked. And it made me feel good, too.

I don’t know if any of you experience this same problem, but if you do, I suggest trying to find something to focus your attention on. 

It could be literally anything. Put on that movie you’ve been waiting to see. Throw yourself a dance party. Clean your room. Write a story. Draw a picture. Hang out with friends. Bake some cookies or play a sport.

Granted, I just tried this within the last week, but I’ve actually made this observation before. 

Last summer, I got out the big sketch book I have and never use and decided to draw a picture one day and found myself feeling happier and less worried.

The problem is, of course, staying committed to keeping your mind focused. I’ve yet to be successful in this area, but I think it’s important we all try. 

It’s a process; it will take time to make progress. I’m at least willing to try. I can only hope you are too.

Kristin is a junior English major and Assistant Opinions and Editorial Editor for the Voice.

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PREVIEW: Baseball heads to Davis & Elkins Thu, 27 Feb 2020 16:30:24 +0000 In their first action of the 2020 season, the Bloomsburg University baseball team put together an impressive weekend going 3-1 in four games. The team split their two Saturday games, winning the first against Newport News Apprentice School 8-7 then lost their afternoon matchup 7-3 to Virginia State University.
The Huskies didn’t let an opening day loss shutter their confidence as the came right back on Sunday and went 2-0 against the same slate of opponents. This time beating Newport News Apprentice School 5-1 followed up by a revenge game performance, trouncing Virginia State University 13-1.
Senior Chad Cooperman’s 2020 debut on the mound resulted in a quality start for the right-hander. Receiving the win while only giving up two earned runs (four total) allowing six hits, two walks, and ten strikeouts through five innings of work.

Offensively on the first day, Bloomsburg accumulated a total of 21 hits (11 in the first game 10 in the second game) coming from up and down the lineup. One of those 21 hits skied over the wall the first long ball this season for the team off the bat of senior Andrew Holmes.
Suiting up for two more games Sunday, the spotlight shined on senior Brett Alaimo. Appearing in only his second career collegiate start he earned his first collegiate win and was impressive doing so.
Finishing seven and a third innings, Alaimo allowed only an unearned run with six strike outs, six hits, and two walks while also throwing 61 of his 95 pitches for strikes. Only totaling two total innings pitched last season this initial start should spark excitement into the Huskies coaching staff about the potential of another strong-arm slotted in the rotation.
Looking ahead, Bloomsburg will travel to Clarksburg, W. Va. for a Saturday doubleheader followed by an afternoon cap Sunday against the Senators of Davis & Elkins College.
So far, the Senators have competed in three games that’ve all resulted in victories for the squad.
Those victories came in the form of an 8-0 vs Mansfield University, 6-2 vs Ohio Valley University, and recently this Sunday 6-4 vs a strong Pennsylvania State Athletic Conference (PSAC) adversary for Bloomsburg this season; Mercyhurst University who entered the game ranked ninth in the nation.
The Senators’ most recent performance should grab Bloomsburg’s attention, alerting them this series will require strong play collectively to come away with at least a series win.
A couple of big hitters the Huskies will have to strategize around this weekend are Najay King and Justin Worley.
King who’s batting .400 has recorded a hit in all three games so far this season including a home run along with 7 RBI’s. He doesn’t get himself out either, with an on-base percentage of .571 King makes you throw him strikes or he’ll take the walk.
Worely, on the other hand, started the season slow going 0-3 in the opening game but has heated up especially in the most recent game going 2-4 with a triple.
Opposingly on the mound, Bloomsburg needs to be ready for two slingers who both have an ERA under two through their first appearances. Brent McMillion (0.00 ERA) and Mckinley Scott (1.80 ERA) present a tough opposition for Bloomsburg’s hitters. Not only an impressive initial ERA but opponent batting average as well with McMillion posting a .160 and Scott a .250.
Spotlighting these statistics strengthens the assertion the Huskies will have to be in top form in order to have a successful weekend.
This is the first games between the two programs in their history.
With PSAC play starting in a couple of weeks, it’s imperative for the Huskies to build positive momentum heading into those key matchups.
The Huskies remain ranked no. 3 in the Atlantic Region according to the coaches’ poll along with receiving national votes in the National Collegiate Baseball Writers Association (NCBWA) polls.

For more information on the Bloomsburg University baseball teams upcoming schedule, player statistics or roster, please visit

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Last Minute Spring- Break Getaways Thu, 27 Feb 2020 16:30:18 +0000 Spring break is a time for spending time at work gaining money or traveling with your friends to a nice getaway. If you’re thinking about the second option and haven’t made plans yet, don’t worry you still have time! Finding a trip on a budget is not easy. Luckily, I have done all the work for you. A getaway can mean many different things. It can mean a trip to a tropical island, staying in a cabin in the forest, flying to a different state, diving to a different city in your own state, or sailing the seas. I had found a deal for your desired place to go. Remember that any place you plan to go to entails money. You can’t expect to go on a getaway with no money or spending into the hundreds. Having said that, let us look at some deals. 

The first one we will look into is a 7-day cruise from New York City to the Bahamas. The sailing date is March 8th which is right on time for spring break. You would be visiting 3 different islands on your trip. Cruises are all-inclusive which means it comes with food, drinks, the activities on board and everything else they have to offer. They will ask you if you want upgrades for drink packages, certain dinners and the excursions (activities) on the islands. This is entirely up to you but are additional things you don’t really need. 

If you hate cruises or anything to do with water because titanic traumatized you, you still have options for tropical places. I had found a spot in Puerto Rico for nearly the same price. It is a beach resort with beautiful rooms, pools and a beach next door. It has a high rating from past guests which makes it more trustworthy. It is not all-inclusive so this means you will have to pay for food and drinks yourself. The flight is not that long. Having been to Puerto Rico in the past, it is one of the most beautiful places to see. This price includes the price of the hotel and airfare.  

If you do not wish to go too far, I found a place in Fort Lauderdale, Florida. The dates are from March 8th to the 12th. Again, perfect for you to getaway for a few days and still have time to relax at home or get a few days to work. This rate is for a group of 4 people. The room would be suitable for 4 guests comfortably. The resort is water front and near the shopping outlets as well. The resort is equipped with a heated pool, gym and more. 

If you have no plans to take an airplane anywhere, you can stay getaway by driving out of state. Taking a road trip to Baltimore, Maryland DC area might interest you. I found good rating hotels in good neighborhoods for the cost of $82 per night. There were some hotels cheaper but were not in the best neighborhoods. Remember, just because it is cheap, doesn’t mean it is a good deal. 

Lastly, for those who don’t even want to leave the state of Pennsylvania, I found a beautiful cabin in Hawley, PA. This cabin sleeps 10 guests! This place is called “Nana’s Lake Nest- an Upstate Treasure”.  You will have the pleasure of using the indoor fireplace, free parking, and outdoor facilities. This place seems like the perfect place to unwind and relax from your hectic days. 

If these deals didn’t meet your expectation or are not exactly what you are looking for, there are tips for staying on budget and finding the best price. When looking for air flights, you should try to avoid leaving on a weekend. Weekends are more expensive. Some options can be leaving Thursday and coming back on Monday. Another option is to leave on a Monday and come back on Thursday. These would be ideal to get the best price. 

If you are planning a group trip, put into the website the number of people. Certain places will offer you a group rate if it is big enough. When planning your trip, try to pack light. This is easy if you’re going somewhere tropical but hard if the place is cold. Packing light will reduce the amount of fees you will end up paying. Lastly, when looking for a deal, use more than one website. This takes time but is worth it in the end. Write down all the rates that also pleases your other demands. These can be having a pool, being close to the beach, all-inclusive, or shuttles from the hotel. Everything should be considered when arriving at a decision. 

Spring break is approaching which means you have to decide soon. I will provide some websites that are trustworthy to look-up good deals. If you decide to or not, spring break is a time to relax. So don’t forget to do that! 

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FORMER STUDENT CHARGED IN HIT AND RUN Thu, 27 Feb 2020 16:30:10 +0000 A hit and run occurred in the tri-level parking lot across from a residence hall last Sunday afternoon.
Video evidence taken from an Elwell window shows former Bloomsburg University student Elijah Reese striking two people with his car as he attempts to make his get away from the lot.
An unidentified young man, who is believed not to be a university student can be seen standing in front of Reese’s vehicle. This is when Reese slams on the gas hitting both the man and another unidentified female student.
Following the crime, the man can then be seen with his arm in the vehicle window as Reese again begins to hit the gas, dragging the man through the parking lot. Before the former university student is able to get away, the man punctures the vehicle’s tires with an unclear object.
According to Bloomsburg University Director of Media Relations Tom McGuire, this incident took place after Reese was confronted by students following striking another parked vehicle.
“This was a very unfortunate incident,” said McGuire. “But I am happy that both people involved are ok.”
Elijah Reese, 19, from Philadelphia, P.a., withdrew from classes at the university as a Freshman in fall of 2018.
Following the hit and run, Reese turned himself in to the State Police Bloomsburg Barracks Sunday afternoon.
Bloomsburg Police previously arrested Reese in November of 2018 when he attempted to rob Uni-Mart on Lightstreet while wearing an orange pumpkin mask.
As previously reported by The Voice, Reese entered Uni-Mart on Nov. 9, 2018 around 3:30 a.m. and attempted to steal the register from the counter while wearing the Haloween mask. “After a clerk grabbed Reese, the two began to struggle on the floor; the clerk was able to remove Reese’s mask in the midst of the conflict, and police later identified him through surveillance footage.”
District Justice Douglass Brewer has since sent Reese to the Columbia County Prison where his bail is set at 25 thousand dollars.
Reese is charged with two counts each of aggravated assault with a vehicle and recklessly endangering others, as well as a hit-and-run accident involving damage and reckless and careless driving.
The victims who were struck by Reese’s vehicle Sunday afternoon were taken to the local hospital. Both have been released with no serious injuries.

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Howling Huskies Thu, 27 Feb 2020 16:30:04 +0000 What is the best way to spend spring break? Spring break is a time to take a breather from school and do whatever sort of activities you want. Some people like to stay at home and binge-watch a new show on Netflix. Others may go visit family or friends who they don’t get to see that often. Quite a few people like to plan extravagant trips to the beach or somewhere else they’ve been waiting to go to with their friends or significant others. This is how some of our fellow Huskies are spending their spring breaks

“Driving to South Carolina to visit my best friend!” @caroletzel

“To sleep in.” @megs_526

“Sleep.” @bmccoystudio

“San Francisco.” @mollyjonessel

“Miamiiiiii.” @lee.dashian

“Sleeping lmao.” @lyzakle_

Howling Huskies is your place to read up on some of the fascinating campus opinions about current events! These opinions were provided by followers of our Instagram, @buvoice.

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Student artist tells all Thu, 27 Feb 2020 16:03:22 +0000 My art feels very personal. I like to think of it as an extension of myself, so sharing it isn’t always the easiest task. Because you know, god forbid, what if someone doesn’t like it? That would kind of hurt I guess, but recently I’ve had some art liberation. By art liberation I mean someone bought my work. From this, I gained so much confidence that I started a fucking art Instagram page. Can you believe that! (Follow me @_____kart (that’s five underscores)) Money talks man and I’m listening. Someone bought another piece after I started it!

The power of social media is something else. No, but seriously, someone buying my work was probably the best thing that could have happened. Now I feel like people are interested in my thoughts, which is a pretty nice feeling. It inspires me to create more, do more original work. Sometimes I like to get on Pinterest for ideas and just kind of replicate what I like. That’s okay, but I think really pure art originates directly from my head and is more meaningful. Then, I feel really proud of it.

Shit, I’ve turned this into a blog post. Ugh, how Carrie Bradshaw of me. But anyway, when I’m creating, I like to try to paint an idea versus a picture. I want my art to speak to people in ways that I can’t. Ways too personal, ways too explicit. My mind is a weird place but when you look at my art, I’m welcoming you into a piece of my mind. So let’s get weird.

Kathryn Cassidy

The painting of the clouded head created in a time of doubt in my life. It felt like everything that was happening to me made resulted in my head being in a constant state of motion. Portraying this through art was therapeutic for me at the time. Looking back on it, I think it helps to relieve some emotions that there just simply aren’t words for. But that’s why we have art – to say the things we cannot put into words.

The painting of the nude body is significant to me because it was created in a time where becoming comfortable with my own body meant becoming comfortable with the bodies of others. This isn’t said in a perverted way at all. These days the way the media critically claims what ‘a woman’ should look like makes it common for young women to be envious of how other women look. The painting was created to demonstrate that bodies are simply bodies. They too are art, crafted in particular just for the soul living in them.

I’ve accepted that message in a way I couldn’t seem to before. God this became kind of sad I swore it was supposed to be funny. All-in-all I think that art is such a fantastic way to express yourself and even if you don’t sell your work, the act of art making is therapeutic enough.

Kathryn Cassidy is a junior English Literature major.

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“Tremors”: the most neutral Kevin Bacon movie ever made Thu, 27 Feb 2020 16:00:59 +0000 Welcome back to this week in forgotten cinema my faithful readers. This week we are looking back to the not so widely known cult classic, “Tremors.”

This film follows a duo of repairmen played by Kevin Bacon and Fred Ward who are seemingly lost in the monotony of their dull lives in the small desert town of Perfection, Nevada. However, the town is set upon by large, vicious, flesh eating worms that begin to eat the townspeople. It is here that the men team together with the townspeople and the help of seismologist new to town (played by Finn Carter) to defeat these worms and escape the town.

This film received good reviews from critics, applauding its tightrope walk of both comedy and horror elements. However, it only had a small success at the box office, netting an income of $16 million over its budget of $11 million. Cementing its place as a cult film and its future sequels being straight to video releases. With most citing its poor marketing and subpar trailer as the main cause of this.

My Take:

As mentioned earlier, this movie walks a fine tightrope with its content. It both wants to be a monster movie with something akin to “Jaws” but on land. However, it maintains humor through catchphrases and one-liners akin to the “Evil Dead” franchise. And it walks this line very carefully and rather successfully, I would say it leans more towards the humor side but I have a propensity to not find movies scary so that may just be my personal bias. But its jokes and funny lines land with enough force for it to be the main idea for the movie to lean on.

A pet peeve I normally have for monster movies is when the characters depicted have varying levels of intelligence for the sake of the script. And despite appearances this movie does this successfully with the cast of characters solving problems with what information they know and using knowledge they gain along the way to their advantage. Which I was pleasantly surprised when I saw them doing so, as this movie does not have the appearance of better than average character writing. However, I am judging it for reaching than standard and not the bottom of the barrel.

In the past I have described movies similar to junk food, not very good for you but entertaining while you do it. This particular film I can only describe with neutral language. Though I suppose leaving no taste in your mouth is better than a bad one. This film feels completely self-contained, it had no major moral or reason for existence, no message to take away. It also had no particular negative aspects and its positives were also nothing exclusive or something to applaud. So, I am at a loss for words when saying if someone should watch this film or not. Watch this film if you have time to kill, not one of my most raving reviews I know but I have seen much worse.

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